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World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. WWE is an American integrated media and entertainment company that is primarily known for professional wrestling. WWE has also branched out into other fields, including movies, football, and various other business ventures. The WWE name also refers to the professional wrestling promotion itself, founded in the 1950s as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. It is the largest wrestling promotion in the world, holding over 500 events a year, with the roster primarily divided up into three globally traveling brands,[10] and is available to about 36 million viewers in more than 150 countries. The company's global headquarters is located in Stamford, Connecticut, about 30 miles from New York City, with offices in major cities around the world.

WWE is fake, violent and lack of morals, Mirza Z. wrote a review on sitejabber.com

"Don't... never ever watch this... but why? Here's the reason.,. Violence... yes it bad for children and this so-called WWE should put restrictions of " only for 18+". Today I saw children were present at the show. They're innocent souls, they'll get what you tell them and believe me this fake, so-called fighting is producing arrogance and anxiety in small minds. Respect... No, not at all... morality and respect of elders are words... yup these two things are only words in WWE and these mindless people are completely unaware of these two words, even English is their own language. Now tell me what are you showing, you are nothing but a bunch of uncivilized people, actually, they monger fantasy, arrogance, and anxiety in public, especially in children. They're few, who want their own entertainment like ancient Romans... If you want entertainment then go and seek someone who is calling you for help, and look for someone who is in desperate need.


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Former Employee - Former Employee says

"Toxic work environment, no structure, and HR is useless."

Former Employee - Production Assistant says

"Even worse. Don't work here"

Former Employee - Corporate Security says

"I could literally write a book about just how disgusting the WWE is running but the main key points are: - Lack of health care to it's WRESTLERS who make the company for what it is today - Hackneyed on-camera presentation, featuring so many ill-prepared stories, characters and even the camera - Oppressive and hostile work environment - Blatant nepotism and selectivity - The McMahons (especially Vince) - No equal pay for it's wrestlers - Doesn't look out for it's former wrestlers"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The work environment was toxic"

Former Employee - Production Assistant says

"1. Management is utterly incompetent. One review on here states that there are people in high up positions who should hold much lower titles and people in lower positions who should hold much higher titles. That is very true. Management are very afraid to think for themselves or stand up to the higher ups and instead quote on quote "drink the cool-aid". They play into the toxic work environment that doesn't benefit the lower level employees of any given department who then end up having to deal with these ridiculous work requirements/ standards. I guess management is resistant to change because at the end of the day, it doesn't really affect them as the lower level employees pick up all the slack. In all, it turns what should be a fun job with an exciting product into a frustrating slog. 2. People really don't get rewarded for hard work and it is incredibly hard to get promoted or move up in the company. It ends being quite absurd because you then have no motivation to work hard because at the end of the day, if you do a mediocre job or excel above your peers and deliver stellar work it ends up all the same - you ain't gonna get promoted or rewarded unless you suck up to your boss. 3. Work/life balance is abysmal but also kinda expected within the industry but then again the way management run things here makes it much worse than any other similar entertainment company."

Current Employee - Video Production Specialist says

"WWE does not care about it's employees and the people that work for them"

Former Employee - Management says

"* Toxic working environment * Say only what leaders want to hear not what they should hear * Culture of managing up only and treating subordinates as expendable"


"Leadership has no clue what they are doing."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Hostile, cut throat, 85+ hour weeks"

Manager, Development & Acquisitions (Former Employee) says

"WWE is a notorious operation that routinely takes advantage of their hard working and loyal employees. There is no reason to believe your experience will be any different so save yourself some time and find another media company to work for. You will be a lot happier avoiding the dishonest and toxic corporate culture at WWE so regardless of how much of a fan you are, try something else."

Analyst, Financial Planning and Investor Relations (Former Employee) says

"I choose not to comment on my prior work experience as it is personal. In a room with no windows with no instruction whatsoever as to what to do no supplies and no access to other people that might supply materials to help do the job correctly."

Shuttle Driver (Current Employee) says

"Part time job is meant to be part time. Correct? It does not mean 4 days in a month. Who wants to go through a hiring process with 20-25 hrs. promised, to not even working. Waste of gas."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"WWE should be a dream factory. It can be, but those moments are few and far between. In reality, if you aren't in the tiny inner-circle, you're done for. Creativity is stifled, the business approach is timid and narrow, and it's all about the politics rather than encouraging people to speak and feel like they will be heard. For such a potentially great product, they produce a poor environment behind the scenes, fostering paranoia and cut-throat policies. Something needs to change, but in order to do so, the culture needs to change from the top down.Great pay and experienceSee above"

Creative Director (Current Employee) says

"Management is extremely hierarchical. New ideas are not welcome. Everyone operates in a state of fear, and a reticence to be seen above radar, as the higher you get up the food chain, the closer you are to being fired for not executing only what is decreed. Management missing opportunities to grow brand into cultural powerhouse beyond wrestling. Fire drills and last minute initiatives that are half-baked. Low quality content. Fundamental misunderstanding of audience, operates like a monopoly with little incentive for innovation, rather a market rent seeking behavior sets-in both culturally and with product development."

Travel Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"A lot going on at the same time more office support was needed,co workers were not on the same page."

Programmer (Former Employee) says

"Worked without Benifits, Learnign was fast and good. But not a long lasting project for each and every employee. Didn't receive any geniune feedbacks are appraisals from them. Diapppointed."

Brand Management (Former Employee) says

"For a global entertainment company, WWE sure does operate like an ad agency in the 1950's. Backdoor politics, in-fighting, using bad numbers as metrics of success. Not a place to work unless you want to sweat and bleed to eventually be fired. Most staff I knew were let go.Cool brandculture, management, lack of direction"

Project Manager / Brand Management (Former Employee) says

"Very disappointed in the WWE employee culture... Good luck!"

Sr. Help Desk Analyst &System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"pretty much a tough place to work and a ton of work , great name to have on your resumegreat namework you to death"

Account Executive, Integrated Sales (Current Employee) says

"The potential for success is great although management and internal culture, personalities, expectations and execution leave employee morale low. Success is due to the care and effort of the individual and the benefit of a rabid and passionate fanbase."

Media Researcher (Former Employee) says

"For one, the head person in charge of TV is a highly unprofessional jerk who is liked by very few. In my time there i saw multiple management changes and was EXTREMELY underpaid"

Senior Manager, Data Analytics (Current Employee) says

"WWE provides an environment where job security is great, pay is not bad, and benefits are above average. This would be good if you live in the Conneticut area and have a family. The political in-fighting and morale are huge problems. Its hard to get anything done as people do anything they can to not take on anything for fear of getting it wrong. There seems to be a culture of fear that one cannot get away from in this environment. Additionally, many people seem stressed as managers do not respect the bounds of personal and private life.pay, benefits, job securitywork/life balance, politics, stress"

Digital Manager (Former Employee) says

"La Directora de Mercadotecnia es un dolor de cabeza y el Director de WWE México un incompetente. Prometieron promoverme a un puesto más alto y con mejor salario debido a mis excelentes resultados, al final me dieron un puñalada por la espalda y terminaron mi contrato sin justificación válida. Es lamentable que empresas como esta, estén en manos de gente tan acomplejada.NadaTodo"

Project Manager/Scrum Master (Consultant) says

"N/A Contracel/Temporary Assignment no real review, accept that the IT/Finance teams do not get together at all. This makes the IT teams lives very difficult.nonenone"

Producer (Former Employee) says

"There is no such thing as a typical day at work in WWE. The ever changing, organic nature of story lines makes World Wrestling Entertainment a rich place to work. During my time at WWE I learned many skills in the art of pre/post and live television production. The tight deadlines and long hours made the job difficult but ultimately enjoyable when a project was finished on deadline."

Art Director (Former Employee) says

"A very busy and challenging work environment with a high volume of work. Often times there are projects that allow you to collaborate with other designers to produce great results. One of the more challenging aspects of the job was juggling a multitude of projects at the same time and trying to receive feedback, manage the deadlines, and go through several levels of approvals for all projects.Great workout facilityLittle or no breaks, no good food options"

PR-Managerin DACH (Former Employee) says

"Kann ich wirklich niemandem empfehlen. Bin gegen Ende so mies behandelt worden, wie niemals zuvor."

Director, Operations (Former Employee) says

"Recognizable company brand. Looks good on a resume, but not worth it. Don’t be lured in by HR or recruiters. Everyone there is absolutely miserable every day. Reach out to any network to find a former employee and they’ll give you an honest assessment of the environment.Good pay, benefits and vacationWorklife balance"

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Work the evening shift conducting patrols around the studio buildings and interior inspection. Check the alarm, fire and emergency systems throughout the night using a secure-Trax system. Complete hourly reports on any activity throughout the shift.N/aN/a"

Henrik G. says

"wwte.com der bl.a. ejer seat24.dk er en site hvor du kan booke din rejse, hotel, bil mv. Den 21 maj bookede jeg et dejligt 3 stjernet hotel på siden, og fik samme dag en bekræftelse på denne booking. Af denne fremgik, at jeg havde booket lejligheden fra den 4 til 16 august 2007. Da jeg lørdag den 4. august kl. ca. 22 ankom til hotellet på kreta, var receptionen mørk, og intet tegn på liv. Der stod jeg med kone og 2 børn, men ingen nøgle til et værelse. Ejeren til hotellet fandt jeg i hotellets bar, og han kunne fremvise at han havde modtaget min booking, men at han kort efter havde modtaget en afbestilling fra hans booking bureau i Athen. Jeg forsøgte nu at kontakte Seat24 (wwte) som på min booking bekræftelse skrev at de havde 24 timers telefon vagt. Det viste sig at jeg ikke kunne komme i kontakte med dem før mandag morgen kl. 11 græsk tid. Jeg forsøgte flere gange og fik også min nabo i Danmark til at forsøge, men ingen hjælp at hente. Ejeren af hotellet havde ikke flere værelser, men skaffede et værelse hos en ven. Om mandagen fik jeg efter flere forsøg fat i wwte, der er ejer/partner med seat24.dk. og de svarede på det nummer der var oplyst på seat24 24 timers service. I første omgang vil de gerne hjælpe, men de forlangte at jeg skulle holde telefon åben, og i løbet af dagen blev tonen mere og mere uhjælpsom, efterhånden som de fandt ud af at alt var booket. Efter mange samtaler i løbet af dagen for min mobilregning, endte det hele med, at de ikke kunne hjælpe, da jeg havde bestilt en type rejse, hvor der ikke betales depositum inden afrejse. Jeg havde aldrig fået muligheden for andet, men det betød intet. Bruger du Seat24 så forvent ingen hjælp. hvis bestillinger er gået galti den kæde af partnere den skal igennem inden hotelejeren modtager den."

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